Will this be the best-value electric vehicle in Ireland?

MG’s new electric hatchback promises long range and low prices

MG 4

MG has revealed the technical specifications of its new MG 4 electric hatchback, which will go on sale in limited numbers before the end of this year. It should be available in larger numbers in 2023.

Speaking of large numbers, the MG 4 is promising some very decent one-charge ranges. It’s a five-door hatchback, analogous in size to Volkswagen’s ID. 3 electric hatch, and like the ID. 3 comes with a choice of battery sizes. There’s 51kWh version, which has a claimed range of 350km, and a larger 64kWh version which has a range of 452km. Those figures make the 4 competitive with the likes of the ID. 3 and Kia’s new Niro EV.

Speaking of large numbers, it looks as if the MG’s price tag won’t be one. MG Ireland has not yet made any official announcement on prices, but if the UK prices are anything to go by then the 4 might just be the best value electric car on sale.

The 51kWh version will be priced from £25,995 in the UK. That makes it actually cheaper in that market than Renault’s electric Zoe hatchback. The Zoe has a longer range — 395km on a full charge of its 52kWh battery — but is a much, much smaller car and costs £29,995 in the UK.


On the Irish market, the basic Zoe costs €30,295 which suggests that, if MG Ireland can closely shadow the UK price tags, then the cheapest MG 4 here might cost as little as €26,000-€27,000.

There 64kWh version of the MG 4 promises 452km of range, and in the UK it’ll be priced from as little as €28,495. That suggests an Irish price in the region of €30,000. For reference, a basic Volkswagen ID. 3 starts at €34,010 with a range of 425km,

Admittedly, we’re speculating on prices, but the MG 4′s technical specification makes for impressive reading. All models will come with a 10-inch central infotainment screen and a seven-inch digital driver’s display, and the MG4 will be able to fast-charge at speeds of up to 135kW.

MG 4
MG 4

Top-spec Trophy models will come with leather upholstery, a two-tone colour scheme, blind-spot warning, keyless entry, and a surround-view camera system. All MG models in Ireland come with a seven-year, 150,000km warranty as standard.

The 4 is part of a big expansion by MG, owned by China’s SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation) since 2007.

As well as the MG 4, the company is also introducing a big update of its MG 5 compact estate — still the only estate electric car on sale, at least until Audi’s far more expensive A6 e-tron Avant arrives next year — which includes a much-upgraded cabin, and a 401km range from its 51kWh battery pack.