Christmas gifts for toddlers to teens

Coming up with ideas for suitable gifts for kids can be a pressure. But fear not, here are some great suggestions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, allegedly, and also one of the most stressful, as the panic to get all that needs to be done, done, begins. Shopping is just one part of it – and coming up with ideas for suitable gifts is a whole other pressure. But fear not, we are here with some suggestions of gifts for the children in your life, from tots to teens.

Christmas babygro and bib giftbox:

A 100 per cent cotton babygro with raglan candy striped raglan sleeves & legs. The artwork is printed using water-based inks which are kinder to the planet and the giftset includes a festive bib from Babyboo. Sizes go from newborn up to 9-12 months. Cost €30.00 and you can buy here.

County GAA jigsaws:

For the younger jigsaw-loving sports fan. These 48-piece jigsaws are suitable for children aged four and up and come in boxes of two. And if you lose a piece, JR Games will replace it for free. Costs €13.99 and you can order here.

4D interactive books:

Interactive books on dinosaurs, pets and sea creatures that come to life with sound. Download the free Holotoyz app, point your device over the images and swipe to listen, learn and interact with an array of creatures. A new immersive way to read and learn. Suitable for ages 3-6. Books cost €9.99 and are available here.


Career costumes:

For children who love to dress up. A Garda, a paramedic, a firefighter, and a surgeon are just some of the authentic options available by Irish business My Little Uniform. And the extras have been thought of too. Sizes go from age 3-4 up to 7-8. Prices vary and costumes are available to order here.

A fun-filled game suitable for all the family:

Top of the Class is a trivia and knowledge game in which players are students progressing through the school year by answering questions based on school subjects English, maths, history, science, geography and general knowledge. Perfect for nostalgics longing for the simplicity of their school days. Cost is €29.95 and available here.

“Be You” Bracelet:

Designed and made from Sterling Silver with a special message – we are all unique and, if you are to be anyone, be yourself. Designed with young teens in mind. Costs €39.95 and available here.

Post Exercise Care Kit:

For the sporty teens in your life. Full of natural active ingredients to speed up your sporty teen’s recovery, and leave them smelling cool & fresh all day. Combining ingredients Magnesium & Arnica to aid muscle recovery with L+pH control, peppermint, macadamia, oat and aloe to provide ultimate skin hydration, protection from breakouts and all-day body freshness. Costs €39.95 and is available here.

Space Invaders Micro Player:

Jump in your spaceship and fend off the waves of attacking enemy invaders before they land with the classic arcade version of the 1978 game. Featuring unique design which replicates the original cabinet, the game includes the revolutionary reflected screen and backlit Moonscape. Costs €90.00 and available here.

Weighted Pet Dog:

These weighted companions are designed to assist children in maintaining attention in class, concentrating on their homework, reducing excess energy, or promoting a sense of calm before bedtime. They can be a comforting presence during rest or nap times, encouraging imaginative play or simply providing a cuddly companion. Costs €80.00 and available here.

Sportswear Christmas Gift Box:

For the teens who love comfort and sports. The gift box includes a fleece, chosen from a variety of colours, and a pack of Fitpink sports socks. Costs €55 and available here.

Jen Hogan

Jen Hogan

Jen Hogan, a contributor to The Irish Times, writes about health and family