Witness the fitness


There’s a tendency for fitness websites to be a little bit, well, pious – reading them is often more likely to inspire guilt than joie de vivre. Even the phrase “fitness regime” suggests a sort of lifelong, chain gang-style sentence to keep your body in order.

Hoping to change that trend is Joslyn Thompson, a London-based personal trainer and sports therapist who has started a new fitness website that puts as much emphasis on having fun as on looking good. The site, www.fitgirlabouttown.com, aims to provide snippets of health and beauty advice in a chatty, friendly style, and to avoid the holier-than-thou lifestyle advice that can make so many other sites and magazines such a chore. As well as health and fitness issues, Fit Girl About Town will offer nutrition and beauty tips, celebrity work-out advice and smaller, regularly updated tweets. Readers can subscribe to receive two to three body beautiful updates in their inbox each week. Joslyn, who studied in Dublin, regularly contributes to publications such Health Fitness and the Daily Mirror, and also lectures regularly on health and fitness topics.