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Low-cost airline takes off in India

AirAsia has announced plans to operate a new low-cost airline in India now that the government there has opened up the country’s aviation industry to foreign investors.

Joining with Tata and Telstra Tradeplace the new airline will initially be based in the southern city of Chennai. Telstra Tradeplace is an investment holding company of Arun Bhatia, whose son Amit Bhatia is a director at Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club, along with AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes.

AirAsia has also been making inroads into the hotel industry with budget properties Tune Hotels.

Sleepbox puts prices to bed in Moscow

Moscow has topped the list of priciest city for hotel rooms for years and now Sleepbox is going to change that.

The capsule hotel has opened in downtown Moscow, following the success of Sleepbox at Sheremetyevo Airport. Based in the Tverskoy district the minuscule rooms will offer TV, free wifi and use of the hotel’s iPads from about €66 per night. Sleepbox Hotel Moscow is on Facebook.

Nightmare goes on for Boeing

Still no sign of Boeing’s Dreamliners returning to the skies with the news that All Nippon Airways has cancelled 1,700 flights up to the end of May. Holiday airline Thomson has begun to make alternative arrangements for the summer season.

Boeing is still working with the Federal Aviation Administration on finding a solution to the battery problem which caused the grounding of aviation’s newest aircraft. Every day the aircraft are not flying is costing Boeing millions.