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Damien Mulley - Owner, Mulley Communications

Damien Mulley - Owner, Mulley Communications

What’s your earliest holiday memory?

Almost drowning in Ibiza when I was about four. That was before Ibiza became cool and then tacky with drunken teens.

I was up early on the first day and went to the pool with my mother who couldn’t swim either. We walked into the pool and then we slipped on an incline into the deep end. I remember going under and my mother screaming through the water as she slipped under with me. A nice Englishman jumped in and dragged us out. On the plane out to Ibiza I was brought into the cockpit and shown the view out the window and all the bright lights from the dials and buttons.


What was your worst holiday?

A cheap holiday to the Canaries where I got food poisoning and was sick for half of it. The holiday was meant to be quiet rather than hell-raising.

What was your best holiday?

About seven years ago I went to Iceland on my own for four days. I love cold places. Icelanders are cultured, fun, have amazing food and have a crazy capacity to party. I enjoy going away on my own and just walking around cities. There are some beautiful sites even if you take the tourist excursions.

If budget or work were no restriction, what would be your dream holiday?

Antarctica! I’ve wanted to go for years but it’s hugely expensive especially if you go on your own and it’s hard to find someone willing to spend €5,000 on a holiday to look at ice. Getting there, jumping seas and spending so much time on a boat, would be really nice and relaxing. Some options even allow you to go diving while there. It’s either that or a trip on the Orient Express all the way to Istanbul.

Who would you bring on holiday with you if you had your pick?

I’m obliged to say the other half. However, if he left me I’d love to go on a few trips with Anthony Bourdain, I love his books and you know he’d get you into the best eateries in the world while also creating trouble on the way. Perfect.

What’s your favourite place in Ireland?

A Corkman will mostly always say Cork. I do adore west Cork and the coastline all the way to Kerry where there are also amazing places to eat. I’m also quite partial, too, to Donegal and would love to spend a few days in Inishowen.

Recommended holiday reading?

Declan Burke’s crime noir The Big O came with me last time but I also try science fiction such as Iain M Banks.

Where to next?

I’m trying to arrange a holiday to Washington DC and then a train to New York from there. Once again I’ll be going on my own but will probably meet up with friends while there.

Damien Mulley is a communications trainer and owns Mulley Communications (

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