Thule Pack ’n’ Pedal Carrier System

A familiar name on roof-racks, cargo boxes and bike-racks, Swedish brand Thule has turned its attention to bike panniers and carrier packs. And with the same eye for detail: it’s already winning awards on the bike tradeshow circuit. Thule’s Pack’n’Pedal range includes a number of different bag types, with features such as pack-down compression straps, hard shell compartments for electronics and they work stylishly off-bike. And you know it’s serious when they call it a “system”. It’s the other little Thule touches that make the difference – a handlebar wallet for your smartphone. Using rare earth magnets for easy alignment and access. Translucent pockets for bike lights. Saddle bags with integrated tool kits. All smart innovations from designers who are used joined-up thinking.

Thule Pack’n’Pedal Carrier System Should be available soon; see Thule Pack’n’Pedal on Facebook

Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat

There are a couple of disconcerting first impressions here. There’s the name – and I’m not going to go there. And then there’s the shot which looks suspiciously like its occupants should be bailing hard, not lounging. But the Hot Tub boat is just that: a hot tub in a boat.

The water inside is heated by a steel wood-burning stove (you don’t expect the Dutch to just crudely stick an immersion heater in there), and it takes about three hours to get it to a very pleasant 38 degrees.

The boat can take a built-in electric motor or an outboard can be fitted. And your tub can cruise a party of six for a soak along the canal.

Hot Tug Hot Tub Boat, from €12,000 for basic model with stove, see

Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

The quality of travel mugs is a very mixed bag. Some supposedly insulated ones seem designed to chill your morning brew en-route to the car, whereas the occasional paper cup can apparently maintain thermonuclear temperatures.

The retro-style Hot Rod Mug looks like it should deliver you a steamy frothaccino, not just keep it warm as it does. Simple premise: it’s insulated and plugs into the 12V socket to apply a low level heat to your java. There’s a lip-saving thermometer, switch and power LED.

Just add it to your dashboard dining wish list. It comes in red and black.

Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug $24.99 from