Hello, Big Foot BeautiesKate Winslet and Nicole Kidman (pictured) come out of the shoe cupboard and fess up to having size nine feet

Lip balmBecause there’s nothing attractive about wind-chapped lips

‘The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski’ The Big Lebowskire-penned in the style of Bill “The Bard” Shakespeare. Read the whole thing at

‘The Graduate’A classic tale about a young man seduced by an older woman. Very timely

Barbara EhrenreichWrote her book, Smile Or Die, when she got fed up with people telling her to be positive about her breast cancer, when she was really as mad as hell

Ugg bootsA week of slushy snow and they’re good for nothing but the bin

‘Raw’ RTÉ1’s Sunday night dramaHigh hopes lead to nothing but disappointment

Drico’s credit union adLeave the acting to Amy. Memorable for all the wrong reasons

A social lifeAt least until January ends and with it the detoxes, diets and dearth of activity

Leaving taps running so pipes don’t freezeHow feckless are we really?

Double sockingThe snow may be gone, but will that dampness ever go away?