Flash facial


In a perfect world, we’d swan around looking relaxed and beautiful, and on the rare occasion we felt less than 100 per cent, we’d indulge in a day of pampering to put things right. Ahhh . . .

Back in the real world, we have neither the time nor the money for such extravagances (sob), but still want to look our best. The Vanity Rooms in Stepaside recently came to the rescue with their Dermalogica Microzone treatments. Taking just 20 minutes and costing €25, the range of facials target specific problems and include a flash exfoliation, deep cleansing, moisture boost and more. Best of all, our skin wasn’t red or raw when we finished, so we could head straight back to the office – alas, that life of leisure still evades us.

The Vanity Rooms, Rockview House,

Stepaside, Dublin 18,

tel: 01-295 9183,