Best shops in Ireland


Times may be tough in retail, but it’s not time to close up shop.

Far from it. Ireland’s small independent shops are fighting to stay on the scene, with the help of you, the loyal customer. Here at the Magazine, we love to shop, and we know you do too. From your friendly local grocer to your favourite boutique; from the bookshop that survives against the odds, the interiors shop selling beautiful wares to the old style drapery and haberdashery you could spend hours in; from the cobbler who mends your shoes to the emporium specialising in coffee, or hardware, or fishing gear – we want to hear about them, and let all our readers know.

Later in the summer we will gather together the best independent Irish-owned shops around the country in a special edition of the Magazine celebrating the cream of Irish retailers.

So whatever your reasons for loving your local shop, be it the atmosphere, the top-notch customer service, the value, the best Irish designs, quirky sales ideas, delicious treats, whether it caters for small budgets or big blow-outs, we want to hear about them.

Tell us about your favourite shop or shop-keepers by emailing or commenting on our Facebook page,

We want to hear from you.