Newport5: 5 Women, 1 artistic direction

Pathways is a joint exhibition that finds five distinctive artists on common ground

These five women artists first got together around a table in Benita Stoney's house in Newport, Co Mayo, last year with the idea of forming a group called the Newport5. A year later they are staging a joint exhibition called Pathways in the Leinster Gallery at 27 South Frederick Street, Dublin, which will run until October 31st.

Their collection is a compilation of their different forms of expression, but common to all is a formal training, studio practice and the language of paint, ink and other materials. Curated by author and art historian Éimear O'Connor, the artists are Benita Stoney, Patricia Doherty, Myriam Kavanagh, Mary Donnelly and Margaret Irwin West.

Deirdre McQuillan