Eager buyers queue for €30,000 houses

Houses built in 2005 and 2006 originally priced between €235,000 and €240,000

Househunters are queuing outside properties with sale prices starting at just €30,000 in Knock Carrick, Annyalla, Co Monaghan.

The 11 houses go on sale tomorrow on a first-come-first-served basis, according to Gunne Auctioneers, who are managing the sale on behalf of Dublin-based receiver Farrell Grant Sparks.

The houses, built in 2005/2006, were originally priced between €235,000 and €240,000.

One three-bed semi-detached house will be sold for €30,000 and a four-bed semi for €39,000. Five four-bed houses will be sold for €48,950 each and another four-bed house for €59,950.


Ciara Downey is renting a house in Knock Carrick and is the first in the queue. “We didn’t want to wake up here one morning and see that a queue had already started,” she said.