Dragon sparks without fire


IT WAS A bit like groundhog day when we saw that a story about Dragon’s Den – a distinctive house in Dublin 14 – had reached number two on the “most read” list on the Irish Timeswebsite yesterday, nearly two months after publication.

The article, written on September 15th, saw Alanna Gallagher take a peek inside what is possibly Ireland’s most unusual house. Harlech House in Goatstown, Dublin 14 – for sale at €2.75 million – has distinctive stainless steel dragon front gates, which Gallagher described as “part Tim Burton, part Game of Throneswith much of the Brothers Grimm canon thrown in for good measure”.

It seems there was a resurgence of interest after it was picked up recently on websites including reddit.com. The renewed interest doesn’t seem to have resulted in an increase in cold, hard enquiries to selling agent Sherry FitzGerald. The agent handling the sale said that viewings have been quiet of late: “We’ve had a couple of good people through but no offers.”