Chartered surveyors explain it all


What is a chartered surveyor? Real estate agents joined forces with the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) last year, and most agents can now be called chartered surveyors.

But lots of us still don’t know what surveyors do. So the SCSI’s outreach programme to secondary school students comes none too soon. Recently qualified surveyors are engaging with students through a series of talks and a social media campaign to provide students with an insight into the career paths for chartered surveyors, both in Ireland and internationally. The Society aims to visit 50 schools nationwide as part of the programme.

The outreach Programme is starting off with a social media campaign: second level students can view video clips of recently qualified surveyors describing their daily work, what they enjoy most about their jobs and offer advice for students considering a career in surveying. Okay, it’s not the Twilight Saga, but at least, the kids could show those of us still puzzled how to watch it. The videos are on the Society’s Facebook page and students an also enter a competition to win an Apple iPad 2. For more information, see