Share your experience: Will you be using the new online service to access birth records?

Estimated 150,000 people, who were adopted, boarded out, or whose birth was illegally registered can now access information

An anticipated 150,000 people, who were adopted, boarded out, or whose birth was illegally registered, or are related to them, can access full their information from October 3rd.

From 8am the service, established under the Birth Information and Tracing Act went live, at People can apply online or by post.

Adoption records will no longer be sealed, and can be accessed though the Adoption Authority of Ireland, while files about people’s early lives in institutions or boarded out, held by Tusla will be shared in full.

Previously, when someone who had been adopted, boarded out or subject to an illegal birth registration, or someone related to them, sought information about their past, the right of other individuals to privacy trumped their right to information about their identity. That hierarchy of rights is now reversed.


Applicants now have a right to full, unredacted information and access to birth certificates, adoption records, birth and early life information. The legislation allows for access to information by a child of a relevant person where their parent has died, and for access by the next of kin of a child who died in an institution.

Given these changes we are interested in hearing from people who will use this online service to access their records or are affected by this development. You can share your views on the process in the form below and you can also indicate if you would be willing to be contacted by a reporter. A selection of the responses will be published on