Statue of imitation: Replica of Dublin’s Molly Malone unveiled in Boston

Publicans, originally from Donegal and Dublin, wanted to bring ‘true Irish heritage and authenticity’ to their venue

The Molly Malone replica statue sits outside The Dubliner Pub on Centre Plaza in Boston

A replica of Dublin’s famed Molly Malone statue has been created in the US and unveiled in Boston.

The statue, which sits outside The Dubliner Pub on Centre Plaza in Boston, is a bronze recreation of the statue that sits on Suffolk Street, which is a popular tourist attraction.

Pub owners Orán McGonagle, originally from Co Donegal, and Dubliner William McCarthy said they wanted to give a “nod” to the famous Dublin statue and create “chat and banter” about her story.

The pair bought the premises last year, then known as The Kinsale, and wanted to bring “true Irish heritage and authenticity” to their pub, which is opposite Boston City Hall.


“We believe she is the only life size replica in the world,” said Mr McGonagle.

The statue was created by a Texas-based sculptor after the pub owners sent him photographs of the original. A clay replica was made initially and the sculptor then proceeded to casting the statue in bronze.

Mr McGonagle said the statue is situated on the pub’s property and did not need a permit from Boston local authorities. He said the pair were concerned that Molly could become the target of vandals, as the original in Dublin has.

“Thankfully that hasn’t happened here to our statue but we are nervous about her,” he added.

Dublin City Council is liaising with gardaí over the defacement of the original Molly Malone statue, which has been targeted five times in a three month period. Most recently, the words ‘Don’t Touch Me’ were written in pink chalk on the base of the statue.

The statue of the famous street trader and her wheelbarrow, designed by Jeanne Rynhart, was originally unveiled at the bottom of Grafton Street during the 1988 Dublin millennium celebrations. It was relocated to Suffolk Street during Luas works in 2014.