Eye on Nature

Your notes and queries


Major panic noises come from the birds on the feeders when a hawk appears. Is this unusual 10 minutes from O’Connell Street?
John Lynch
Phibsborough, Dublin

You are close to a bird sanctuary at Blessington Street Basin.

I’m looking out of my study window, overlooking Faithlegg golf course, at about 10 wagtails feasting on the many daddy-long-legs on the walls of the house.
Robert Hill
Faithlegg, Co Waterford

All the swallows and swifts left Greystones on the night of Saturday, September 21st, with the full moon. I think there were more than last year.
Ciarán Hanrahan
Greystones, Co Wicklow

We have bats in our garden that hunt along the hedgerows and under the trees at dusk. One morning at 7am a bat was out hunting. Is this unusual?
Elaine Bending
Cappoquin, Co Waterford

Bats usually fly at night but will fly in daylight if they need food while rearing young.

Michael Viney welcomes observations at Thallabawn, Carrowniskey PO, Westport, Co Mayo, or by email at viney@anu.ie. Please include a postal address