What's on your rider?


Eamonn Barrett of Royseven

What’s on your rider?The usual uninteresting things: beer, wine, soft drinks, water, munchies, towels, fruit.

What would be on your fantasy rider?A time machine (in the style of a DeLorean, of course), a money press. One of those back scratcher thingys, 12 Ninjas. The entire How I Met Your Mother box set. Fizzy lifting drink.

What’s your pre-gig ritual/ routine?Arrive at the venue, go to dressing room, soundcheck, a leisurely hang glide, dinner, warm up guitar-playing hands, stage huddle . . . hit the stage!

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?Groove Armada at Wittness or The Verve in SFX Dublin. Both went beyond the mere experience of a gig. They transcended into something more, something truly wonderful and life-changing.

And the worst?Sonnenrot Festival in Germany, the second day. It rained from start to finish and the bands were truly shit (except for Maximo Park and Who Made Who).

Who is the most famous person to have shown up at one of your gigs?Bryan Ferry.

Most embarrassing on-stage moment?I, of course, am impervious to embarrassment, but our singer Paul once shouted “Hello Montreaux!” to 10,000 people in Locarno, Switzerland (how very Spinal Tap). The piano stand of Lego, our keyboard player, fell during a song and he spent the rest of the song playing floor piano.

What’s your crowd-pleasing number?We Should Be Lovers or Dance.

Groupies. Would you?As they say, “What goes on tour goes on Facebook”.

Have you a special stage wardrobe?I have a couple of army jackets I like to wear and, of course, my boots, which are definitely made for rocking!

What’s the worst thing ever thrown at you?A cold look.

What’s your best tour story?

I remember waking up after travelling overnight from Germany to Switzerland. The weather was stunning. We had breakfast and walked down the street and found a huge lake. We hired paddling boats and went swimming. That night we rocked out to 10,000 people. An amazing experience. And we almost got carbon monoxide poisoning from our tour bus.

In conversation with TONY CLAYTON-LEA. Royseven play Live at Leopardstown next Thursday