The Killers


Odyssey Arena, Belfast Thurs Feb 21 £48/£45; 02, Dublin, Fri Feb 22 8pm €51.65/€49.65

They’ve been through some ups and downs, this Las Vegas band, but they seem to have pulled through. Not that The Killers are everybody’s favourite at this point. With more than 10 years under the belt, however (and at least five of those firmly locked down in “arena performing” status), it would be a foolish or biased person to dismiss them out of hand.

Of course, you could blame the highs and lows on the global success of The Killers’ debut album, Hot Fuss: it was so good that it set a standard the band was unable to retain. A hiatus in 2010 allowed various members to record and release solo work, and then they came back with a bang last year with their latest album, Battle Born.

If you can’t make a beeline to the Belfast or Dublin shows, The Killers are playing the biggest show of their life at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 22nd. Can 90,000 people really be wrong? TONY CLAYTON-LEA

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