The Fastest Animal Olympics

By P4, St Anne’s Primary School, Kingsway, Finaghy, Belfast. Illustration by Hannah Dugan


Turtles was a turtle, but no ordinary turtle. Turtles wanted to race in the Animal Olympics. Turtles decided he was going to try and win the races. Turtles lived in a mansion on the Big Hill. His house was in the water at the top of the hill. The Animal Olympics this year were taking place in a field in a valley next to the hill.

The rest of the competitors were just arriving. There was Tim the hungry giant, who had a special pass to go into the race because he was very speedy. Octo the octopus was in the race too. “I bet you’re not going to win the race,” said Octo to the hungry giant.

“I’ll eat you if you say that one more time!” said Tim.

“I bet you’re not going to win the race,”said Octo again.

Tim the hungry giant picked up Octo by the tentacles. Turtles saw what was happening and stood on Tim’s foot.

“What are you doing on my foot?” said Tim.

“Let go of my friend,” said Turtles.

Suddenly a horn fired out a car noise. When they heard the noise, the competitors rushed to the start of the race.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the race has begun!” said Peacock, the commentator.

The giant started running and jumped into the water. Octo cannonballed into the water and swam past the giant. Turtles went into his shell and jumped into the water. He quickly got his fins back out and swam past Octo.

An artist called James had been hiding behind a wall that he had painted to look like a tree. He jumped into the water with his paints. The water turned brown and green, red and blue, turquoise and black, and pink and purple.

Turtles looked around. He saw Penqueue and Pengwhen diving into the water . . .