The Big Sky And The Palm House


Oliver Sears Gallery, 29 Molesworth St, Dublin Until Jul 27

Amelia Stein is well known for her photographic work, ranging from documentation of theatrical productions to highly personal projects involving memory and family histories. She works usually in rich, even sumptuously tonal black-and-white, and the two strands that make up her new exhibition are no exception.

It’s a case of compare and contrast as Stein explores the vast expanses of the north Mayo landscape (above) and the enclosed, hothouse environment of the restored Palm House in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.

In both cases we see that “nature” is profoundly shaped by and in turn shapes human life and enterprise. The isolated buildings in the Mayo landscape are abandoned dwellings, weathered and worn, used now as animal shelters or storehouses. Meanwhile an exotic flora flourishes in the artificial world of the glass house.

Can’t See That? Catch This

Nonuments to a New International Cross Gallery, Dublin Until Jun 30