The Spinner


Dance House

THE ANCIENT Greeks saw the three fates ­– Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos –­ as workers in a kind of celestial textile industry: one spun, the second measured out and the last cut the thread of life. In making a new work depicting these three deities, choreographer Aoife McAtamney infuses it with the spirit of another weaver remembered in Greek mythology: the spider.

Dancers Anna Kaszuba, Emma Martin and McAtamney fuse the godlike and arachnid in a work with all the delicate grace and meticulous ruthlessness of both. With its reedy, chafing melody and dampened pizzicato, the musical accompaniment on viola by Tom Lane perfectly complemented a piece that elicits both fascination and gnawing anxiety.

The spindly-limbed dancers evoked what they embodied beautifully, and would have been able for even more adventurous choreography. Which I hope we will see, in ample measure, from this promising young choreographer. The fates foretell a bright future here.

Final performance tonight