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24/7 Bliss review: A quirky take on lost and found connections

Dublin Fringe Festival 2022: Iseult Deane’s demi-opera holds up a mirror to contemporary life

24/7 Bliss

Black Box, Smock Alley

24/7 Bliss is about finding connections in the most unlikely of places. Marina (Mazana Ronaldson) works in an around-the-clock dry-cleaner’s where an eccentric cast of characters, both real and fictional, pass their time.

Anthony Murphy (played by Sam Killian), Ireland’s only independent musical weatherman, provides the soundscape for this intriguing venture. Ellen Finnerty and Conor Murray deliver strong performances as Cliodhna and Oscar, pushing at the boundaries of what is possible in this seemingly magical space.

Aesthetically, the piece has a clear identity. Caoimhe Coburn Gray’s simple set design is complemented by Owen Clarke’s otherworldly lighting. Killian’s composition, which he delivers live, sustains the dreamlike atmosphere that this play relies on.

24/7 Bliss would have benefited from a stronger dramaturgical hand and could have been 20 minutes shorter. But there is something compelling about the story, and about Deane’s writing, that guides the audience over this shaky ground.


This winning combination of compelling design, a capable ensemble and a hearty dose of whimsy delivers a charming commentary on contemporary Irish life.

Runs at Smock Alley until Saturday, September 17th, as part of Dublin Fringe Festival