Review: Chaos

This show will change your life: or at the very least make you laugh. What more could you want?


Peacock Theatre


The Lords of Strut are back, but things are no better. Famous Séamus and Seántastic are still haunted by theatrical mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions (thankfully not with the clingfilm mankini) but these days their self-belief is steadfast. "Do The Do", their homespun self-improvement programme, has transformed the pair from disastrous to a little less disastrous. Emboldened with self-confidence (and driven by their mammy's wisdom, "You've got to give, in order to take"), they now want to enrich our humdrum little lives and to reach our full potential. Audience member Eoghan Carrick (whose life is now undoubtedly changed) was randomly chosen to interview the duo and reveal their wealth of self-delusion.

Performers Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally honed their craft in street theatre and Chaos combines this nous with theatrical acumen. The gags are well-paced (some hilariously dragged to within an inch of their lives), providing an hour of belly laughs, and some self-improvement.

Ends September 13