Planningtorock: All Love’s Legal

Fri, Feb 14, 2014, 00:00


All Love's Legal


Human Level


Her dalliances with The Knife on their Tomorrow, i n a Year opera put Planningtorock on many radars, and Jam Rostron’s solo innings have always been quite the thrill as well. Here it’s the activist side of Rostron’s mind that provides the focus, with her third album working up a sweat around themes of gender, gay politics and feminism. As with her previous album, W , Rostron has a brilliant knack for capsizing and inverting seemingly innocuous house grooves into superbly wobbly, other-worldly sweeps of sound. Human Drama and Patriarchy Over & Out come with strange sonic angles and jittery, glitchy asides, but Rostron never loses the run of herself, and every track works in a variety of ways. Her lyrics can be a tad sloganistic, but the music she uses to bolster her arguments is anything but earnest. A call to arms with messages for your feet.
Download: Human Drama , Patriarchy Over & Out