Joe Strummer: 001 review – A late great collection

Joe Strummer 001
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Artist: Joe Strummer
Genre: Rock
Label: Ignition Records

Joe Strummer was a trailblazing punk pioneer who musically and politically helped shape a generation. In Bono's words, he wrote the rule book for politicised rock.

Strummer died suddenly at only 50 years of age, a few days before Christmas 2002, which is all the more shocking when you consider that figures such as Damon Albarn turned 50 this year and aren't exactly considered to be elder statesmen.

The Clash are very well documented, although Strummer's career after 1986 is not, which makes this box set long overdue. Joe Strummer 001 compiles his work with The 101ers, The Mescaleros and Mick Jones after The Clash split up.

A stunning duet with Johnny Cash is unearthed, where the two deceased legends collaborate beautifully on Bob Marley's Redemption Song. 001 also features a Sid & Nancy soundtrack out-take, Crying on 23rd, an unreleased early version of This Is England and London Is Burning with the Mescaleros, a song that was later reworked as Burning Streets on the 2003 posthumous LP Streetcore, and one of the last tracks Strummer recorded before his death.


Incidentally, the cover photo is from his 1990 driving licence and taken from the colossal Joe Strummer archives.