Frank Turner: Tape Deck Heart

Fri, Apr 19, 2013, 01:00


Tape Deck Heart

Frank Turner

Xtra Mile Recordings


When Frank Turner contentiously declared himself “pretty right wing” last year, it surprised those who had pegged him as heir to Billy Bragg’s throne. Nevertheless, for his fifth album the folk-punk singer places politics aside and focuses on the personal. Most of these songs deal with the end of a relationship, running from self-loathing ( Plain Sailing Weather ) to world-loathing ( Good and Gone ). Contrarily, however, this break- up album is far from musically dour. Losing Days and Recovery are pacey, upbeat full band tunes reminiscent of The Waterboys, and Polaroid Picture even strays into punky stadium rock fare. Turner thankfully drifts from the overpowering topic of heartache once or twice, but even so it’s the simplicity of the touching Anymore that resonates loudest, despite its intimate delivery.
Frankturner. com Download: Weather, Plain Sailing Anymore