Big Boi


Vicious Lies and Dangerous RumoursDef Jam ***

Outkast’s flamboyance took many shapes and it wasn’t always just down to Andre 3000’s fondness for bespoke tailoring. As Big Boi showed on his debut album, he could also throw weird shapes when it came to sonic drapery. Here, this is partly reflected in the cast list for his second album (Phantogram and Wavves rub shoulders with A$AP Rocky and B.o.B), but it can also be seen in how hip-hop’s favourite pitbull breeder utilises these disparate talents. That Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel sounds not unlike Big Boi hero Kate Bush is clear but she ices Lines and CPU with glacial electropop cool. Shoes for Running is even better, the host allowing Wavves and B.o.B the room to roam without the track losing the run of itself, while In the A shows Big Boi can always carry the show on his own.

Downoad:Lines, Shoes for Running