Kathlyn O'Brien


DISTORTED memories band hybridised recollections are organised into some arresting forms in Innocence Lost in Transit, Kathlyn O'Brien's first solo show in Ireland. O'Brien has an impressive, approachable style in which her improvisation with found objects dolls, devotional medals, postal wax, antique boxes and bags becomes a fruit fully extended metaphor for coming to terms with the past.

O'Brien's "objects" mostly small, wall hanging pieces are sharp and tricky, full of sudden revelations and nasty stings. An uncomfortably angular pram, makes a swimming pool, in which sharks patrol in green jelly a doctor's bag ruptures to release a spluttering, bronzed alien presence a curtain of cooking utensils hides three tiny dolls a bush of metal hair is hung, like the most unnatural of Christmas trees, with tiny glass eyes. None of the pieces has an individual title, so that each opens onto the next and the entire group sets up an endless circulation of tarnished nostalgia, half forgotten images and buried shacks.

Most at O Brien's three dimension cadavre exquis keep suitably quiet about what their precise targets might be leaving any shred of resolved meaning forever trapped in the missing pieces.