Bosnia panel


The audience discussion, which took place in the immediate aftermath of Nicholas Kent's riveting Srebenica, produced a rare moment of spontaneous theatre. A panel was chaired by poet Chris Agee, with Kent, playwright John McGrath and former Bosnian war correspondent Maggie O'Kane in attendance. The conversation largely took the form of personal and analytical observations of the Bosnian conflict and the issues of collective identity, political accountability and the role of the UN, raised by this radical theatrical documentary. As the musings began to die away, a sonorous Eastern European voice suddenly spoke up, apologising for his limited English.

It was a young Bosnian doctor, currently working at a Belfast hospital, learning skills of traumatic surgery to take back to help the maimed and injured in his native country. For a few brief moments, he brought to life the unspeakable horrors which had been so graphically described less than an hour previously. He was asked, will there be peace in Bosnia? "Yes," he said, ""there is no war now, but there is not peace." Which is where we came in.