Red Hook Road, By Ayelet Waldman

Paperback review

Sat, Mar 8, 2014, 01:00


Book Title:
Red Hook Road


Ayelet Waldman

Two Roads Books

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Red Hook Road opens with a summer wedding in a Maine fishing village. Beccy, the daughter of wealthy Jewish summer visitors, is marrying John, whose mother is a local cleaner.  En route to their reception, shockingly, the bride and groom are killed in a road accident. Waldman’s portrait of two grieving families – in particular two mammies, whose awkwardness with each other is compounded by the task of putting themselves back together – is sensitive and sassy, with a finely tuned mix of empathy and bristling observation. But as the story revisits Red Hook for four consecutive summers after the disaster, its initial edginess is gradually subsumed in a rising tide of smugness, stereotypes and sentimentality. The siblings fall in love. The mammies snipe and snarl. The adopted Cambodian bridesmaid turns out – of course she does – to be a violin prodigy. The result is half, or perhaps three-quarters, of a rather good novel. Shame about the ending, which is Happy Every After on steroids. With whipped cream on top.