Oh Boy! Oh Boy! It’s Chopsticks!

Montessori Education Centre, North Great George’s Street, 4th-6th Class. Illustration by Tim Mudie


Chopsticks the sparkly dog was running away from One Direction. He was looking for a hiding place. Next he jumped into a rubbish bin. Chopsticks did not know that he was leaving a trail of sparkly glitter. One Direction found him but as Harry Styles picked him up, Chopsticks woke from his nightmare.

“Breakfast! Come down Chopsticks,” called his owner, Bill.

Chopsticks went downstairs leaving a trail of glitter behind him. He saw eggs in his dog bowl. “Oh boy oh boy, do I like eggs!” said Chopsticks, happily.

After breakfast, Chopsticks went to visit his best friend, Noodles the dog. He found Noodles running in the park.

Noodles’ owner, John, said, “Hello Chopsticks.”

“Oh boy oh boy, I didn’t see you there John!” Chopsticks said. “Do you guys wanna play with me? I’ve got a stick! Do you wanna play fetch!? I’ve got a stick!” he continued, excited.

“Forget about it,” said Noodles. “I just wanna lie in the sun.”

“Oh boy oh boy, let’s play fetch!” Chopsticks said. Noodles ignored him and lay down.

John took the stick and threw it. The stick landed near a bin. In the bin, there was a packet of noodles. Chopsticks took the noodles packet out of the bin.

“Oh boy oh boy, it’s noodles!” he said. Then he saw a picture on the packet: “Win tickets to see One Direction in Croke Park”.

Chopsticks dropped the packet in horror and terror. He ran back home, past his friend Noodles, past John and all the way home to his owner Bill.

Bill could see that Chopsticks was frightened. “What’s the problem, Chopsticks?” he asked.

Chopsticks started barking so quickly that Bill could not understand him.

“Slow down, Chopsticks! Don’t worry. What happened?”

Chopsticks explained what had happened. Bill and Chopsticks decided to go to the shop to buy some noodles.

They went to Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Spar but all the packets of noodles had pictures of One Direction on them.

Bill said, “Why don’t we go to Japan? I heard the noodles there are pretty tasty.”

Chopsticks said, “Oh boy! Oh boy! Really, Bill?”

The next day, Chopsticks went to find his friend Noodles and told him that he was going to Japan to eat noodles. Noodles was jealous – going to Japan was his greatest wish.

Chopsticks asked, “Do you want to come?”

Noodles said, “Yes! Of course! But I am only going to eat sushi.”

Chopsticks and Noodles were excited as they got on the plane to Tokyo. Chopsticks could not stop saying, “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!” The flight attendants had to give out free earplugs to all the other passengers.

When they arrived, Noodles and Chopsticks were really hungry. They had not eaten for days because they were saving themselves for the noodles and sushi.

As Chopsticks got off the plane, he saw that he had left a large glitter stain on the seat. Again.

In the airport, Bill bought a map: The Best Noodle Restaurants in Japan. It took Chopsticks ages to decide which restaurant to go to first. He finally decided on Nippity Noodles.

“They have sushi too, right?” asked Noodles.

“Of course,” said Bill. “And that’s a good choice because it’s very near.”

When they arrived, the waitress told them, “There are no dogs allowed here. You should go down the road to the restaurant for dogs, Noodles for Poodles.”

The dogs and Bill went to Noodles for Poodles. They ordered four kinds of noodles and seven kinds of sushi.

Bill asked, “So, Chopsticks, do you like the noodles?”

“Well,” replied Chopsticks, “I prefer eggs.”