My First Visit to Baidoa

Fighting Words: A story by Aden Ali (16) from Somalia

My name is Aden. I study at Rainbow Primary and Secondary school and I am 16 years old. I was a villager boy living with his parents at the village, who used to dream of visiting Baidoa. In the year 2011 when I finally came to the town, I saw many people sitting around in coffee shops and chewing khat. I also saw vehicles speeding across the streets like I had never seen before in the village. After four days, I visited this unique place called Gerbada waterfall. It was really exciting.

In Baidoa I saw for the first time tall buildings, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls. I had fish and rice for my first time in my life. My grandmother bought us some stuff at the market which I really loved so much. I got new shoes! The purpose of my journey was to be able to enrol into school which I did after three months of getting to Baidoa. The night before my first day in schools which was a Saturday, my father came in the room and gave me books, pens and pencils. He also brought me a brand-new uniform. The following day, he took me to school and introduced me to the teachers. I am so happy with my new school especially the new friends and teachers. I now lead the youth club in of school.

World Vision Ireland is a child focused overseas aid organisation and has worked with Fighting Words on a number of projects. These pieces were written by young people who World Vision has worked with in Zambia and Somalia.

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