Tara Flynn: Books of the Year

‘Only Ever Yours’ is very grown-up fiction indeed

Although classed as young-adult fiction, Louise O'Neill's Only Ever Yours (Quercus) is very grown-up indeed. Dark and thought-provoking, it takes society's objectification of women to an extreme futuristic conclusion. There are some good Logan's Run shivers, and it is beautifully written.

Sticking with youthful dystopias, Rob Doyle's Here Are the Young Men (Lilliput) is a grim look at the prosperous Dublin of 2003. The boys wrestle boredom and a need for meaning in their game-numbed world with some pretty high stakes. Realistic dialogue will make you think you've overheard a conversation on the Dart – one you'll wish you hadn't. Not an easy read, but a compelling one.

I've included the beauty writer Sali Hughes's Pretty Honest (Fourth Estate) not just for its awesome practical skincare and make-up tips: it's also beautifully packaged and a great read, often hilarious. You'll never be afraid to tackle a cosmetics-counter meanie again.

You're Grand: The Irishwoman's Secret Guide to Life, by Tara Flynn, is published by Hachette