Beckett on film


LATE in his life Samuel Beckett confided to his nephew that she thought of his work as a narrowing V, which is the kind of image that gives film-makers plenty of scope. In a one-day seminar to be held at the Irish Film Centre this Saturday, Richard Kearney, Alan Gilsenan, Anna McMullan and Declan Kiberd will discuss the challenges posed by the visual representation of Beckett's work, and its adaptation for film and television. Screenings include Film (1964) Eh Joe (1986) Rockaby (1988) and Footfalls (1988).

Perhaps RTE might be moved by the 90th anniversary celebrations to re-broadcast Sean O'Mordha's two-part biographical documentary about Beckett (first screened on RTE last year and screened on BBC 2's Bookmark last weekend), which features some welcome antidotes to the hagiographical tendency of a lot of recent Beckett tributes.