Coffee spill at play centre leads to €60,000 settlement for burned boy

Eight-year-old suffered superficial burns with blisters on his thigh, hip and foot

A boy who suffered burns to his hip, thigh and foot when coffee spilled on him in a play centre has settled a High Court action over the accident for €60,000.

Kaelem Ryan was eight when the accident happened at the Pudden Hill Activity Centre in Co Meath, on July 6th, 2017.

Through his mother, Lisa Ryan, he sued Murray Zone Ltd, trading as Pudden Hill Activity Centre.

The child was at the centre with his father, who had ordered some food and drink at a counter where a cup of hot coffee had been left. The incident happened when the father was told to get a soft drink from a fridge.


Approving the €60,000 settlement, Mr Justice Garrett Simons said it was not clear whether the coffee was knocked over or pulled down but there was an arguable case that the play centre should have taken more care in relation to a boiling cup of coffee being left on a counter.

It was claimed Kaelem suffered superficial burns with blisters on his right hip, upper thigh and right foot.

The judge said he had largely recovered from the physical injury and had some sleep loss as a result of it, which had also resolved.

His plastic surgeon said there would be a permanent scar, though it would not be particularly obvious as the location would be covered by clothes.

On previous occasions, offers of €40,000 and €50,000 had been made to settle the case, which the judge said were not acceptable. However, he was satisfied the offer of €60,000 represented the full value of the case.

If the matter went to trial, it was possible a larger sum would be awarded but it was also possible it would be a smaller amount, he said. He also noted the boy’s mother was happy to accept the settlement.