Cab to serve court proceedings on Daniel Kinahan over Dublin mansion

Kinahan given 35 days to enter appearance in case aimed at seizing 10 Coldwater Lakes

The Criminal Assets Bureau has secured court orders allowing it to serve proceedings out of the jurisdiction on Daniel Kinahan as part of efforts to seize a luxury mansion in west Dublin for the benefit of the State.

Kinahan is believed to be in Dubai but the High Court, at the request of Cab, asked the media on Thursday not to disclose the precise addresses at which the proceedings are to be served on him.

Shelley Horan BL, for Cab, outlined that Cab, based on information from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), believes that two addresses, including a business address, are linked to Mr Kinahan.

Because luxury addresses in Dubai are often in gated communities, Cab believed it would be “very difficult” to serve the proceedings personally on Mr Kinahan and wanted to serve the proceedings by registered post, she said.


Cab believes Mr Kinahan, given the level of publicity the case has attracted, is aware of the proceedings, she added.

Mr Justice Michael McGrath made orders permitting Cab to serve the proceedings by post to the two addresses put before the court.

He also directed that Kinahan has 35 days to enter an appearance in the case.

Cab claims the five bedroomed property at 10 Coldwater Lakes represents the proceeds of crime and is effectively owned or controlled by Kinahan.

It has taken proceedings against brothers Jimmy Mansfield Junior and Patrick Joseph Mansfield, and against Kinahan and Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh, ultimately aimed at seizing the property.

The Mansfield brothers previously consented to orders waiving any claim against the property.

Cab was also permitted to serve the proceedings on Kavanagh in the high security Belmarsh prison in England where he is serving a 21 year sentence for his role in importing drugs with a street value of £30m (€36m) into the UK.

Last month, the court heard a Cab officer had travelled to Belmarsh where he was permitted speak to Kavanagh through his cell door about the case and to pass the court papers under the door.

Kavanagh told the officer: “I don’t want to talk to you, go away”.

He was not represented by a lawyer and did not participate in the remote hearing.

Cab believes, following a long investigation, that 10 Coldwater Lakes was sold for €2m in 2006 to a company of the group founded by deceased businessman James Mansfield snr and passed, around 2014, into the control of the crime gang in which, the court was previously told, Cab believes Daniel Kinahan and Thomas Kavanagh play leading roles.

Cab has claimed in affidavits that information from a protected witness indicates Jimmy Mansfield jnr gave 10 Coldwater Lakes, plus various cash payments, to the Kinahato n/Kavanagh gang following a failure to make property investments with about €4.5m cash the gang gave him in two suitcases on Good Friday 2009.

The case will return to court next week to further deal with the application for orders against Kavanagh.

Mary Carolan

Mary Carolan

Mary Carolan is the Legal Affairs Correspondent of the Irish Times