Holy cinema! Batman boosts box offices


FIVE WEEKS before the latest instalment in the Batman franchise hits cinemas, tickets for The Dark Knight Rises are already on sale at cinemas such as Cineworld, IMC Tallaght, Movies@Dundrum and the Odeon chain. The level of hype surrounding the rubber-costumed crime-fighter suggests the Christopher Nolan film’s release will all but guarantee a rise in cinema admissions in Ireland this year.

Advertising buyers Core Media forecast in January that admissions would rise from last year’s 16.3 million to 16.9 million this year – a prediction that is already looking pretty safe thanks to the runaway success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel Avengers Assemble (the current box-office leader for 2012, with takings of €3.6 million) and the better-than-expected box office earnings of The Hunger Games (which took almost €2.3 million). Both films contributed to a massive 27 per cent rise in April admissions year-on-year, according to Carlton Screen Advertising.

Even in the highly unlikely event of The Dark Knight Rises going the way of John Carter – the film Disney was so quick to brand a flop, that the admission almost seemed akin to a reverse psychology promotional strategy – there are still some heavy hitters, such as The Hobbit and the return of Daniel Craig’s Bond in Skyfall, set to round out the year.