The Chief Financial Officer

Jason Karaian. The Economist. €18.99

Mon, Mar 24, 2014, 09:52


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The chief financial officer


Jason Karaian

The Economist

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This book charts the rise of the influence of the inhouse accountant from a back office functional role to one unrivalled by anyone other than the chief executive, with access to every facet of the business.

Successful executive teams, the author notes, are often marked by a healthy tension between a bullish, hard-charging chief executive and a cautious, independent-minded chief financial officer.

Few senior executives other than the CFO are expected or even encouraged to challenge the boss as part of their daily routines. CFOs benefit from extensive time spent with the company’s board of directors, giving them access and input into the company’s strategic plans. Investors looking for guidance on a company’s plans often prefer to talk to straight-talking CFOs instead of cheerleading CEOs.

The title is intended as a reference for finance chiefs to enable them to learn the latest thinking from their peers and benchmark their own performance, those looking to build a career in finance, non-financial executives seeking to improve their relationship with the finance department and those who want to improve their relationship with the keeper of the corporate cheque book.