Quick Win - Public Relations

Kevin Hora. Oak Tree Press. €14.95

Mon, Mar 17, 2014, 01:00


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Quick Win Public Relations


Kevin Hora

Oak Tree Press

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This is a useful primer on public relations designed with SMEs and not-for-profits in mind and will also be a good first point of reference for PR students. Kevin Hora is a lecturer in PR and puts the information across in a highly accessible style.

The book is organised into five sections, starting with the explanation of basic concepts and then moving into skills and practical knowledge for those engaging in PR practice. Each of the sub-topics is dealt with in the form of questions such as ‘how do I pitch a story to the media?’ and ‘how do I brief a web designer for a company website?’

On building relationships with the media, Hora advises organisations to be aware that the role of journalists is not to service the interests of organisations and that bad news and criticism should be expected from time to time.

Stonewalling access to spokespersons, insisting on seeing interview questions in advance or looking for final approval of a piece before print or broadcast are practices that should always be avoided.

Hora provides practical tips about managing digital and social media and search engine optimisation.