Communicate to inspire

Kevin Murray. Kogan Page. €24.99

Wed, Feb 12, 2014, 15:15


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Communicate to inspire


Kevin Murray

Kogan Page

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In research commissioned for this book, YOUGOV surveyed 4,000 workers in Britain and found that only 21 per cent rate their boss as “very good” at inspiring them, while 45 per cent rated their boss as uninspiring. This inspiration gap is the key issue the author addresses. He looks at the critical communications skills that make such a difference to trust, engagement and motivation. Passion is important in leadership. Even if you are a highly introverted individual, as a leader you need to learn to speak with more passion. Followers must feel your passion and believe that you believe. Most leaders, Murray notes, have not spent the time articulating those beliefs, yet the ability to draw on and display that passion and commitment, consistently and predictably, counts for more than skills at oratory and communicates more effectively than even the most perfectly crafted words.

Too often leaders use financial or numbers based goals to motivate people, but followers say they don’t get out of bed in the morning to achieve financial or other numbers-based objectives. Instead, they want to be inspired by doing something that makes a difference.