Irish Property Buyers’ Handbook. Carol Tallon. Oak Tress Press. €17.99

Irish property buyers’ handbook
Author: Carol Tallon
ISBN-13: 9781781191163
Publisher: Oak Tress Press
Guideline Price: €17.99

Author Carol Tallon is MD of Buyers Broker Ltd and gives property seminars and auction training. This book is a guide for those considering buying or investing in Irish property. As well as practical advice, such as how to source property at prices below market value, the book has some interesting analysis of the state of the market and emerging trends. It includes new strategies for buying in a recovering market where suitable housing stock and access to credit is still restricted and has specialist guest contributions from Karl Deeter on finance and Derek Trenaman on self-build.

Property negotiations are covered in three chapters, starting with how to develop a pre-negotiation strategy, moving on to the practical psychology of buying from motivated sellers before finally advising on how to close the best deal.

In addition, this 2014 handbook updates the market overview regarding volume of transactions and house prices, reflects changes from Budget 2013 and Budget 2014 and updates legislation on multi-unit developments (Mud Act) and also includes increased investor information – including finding and retaining suitable tenants.