The presentation book. Emma Ledden. Pearson. €15.95

Mon, Oct 28, 2013, 01:00


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The Presentation book


Emma Ledden


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Former TV presenter Emma Ledden has honed her presentation skills over the years and has branched out into business consulting, specialising in presenting to sell.

She says that 90 per cent of the success of your presentation is determined before you stand up in front of your audience. To be a successful presenter you need to do three things: profile your audience, structure and shape your message and design visual aids. However, having worked with thousands of businesspeople from interns to CEOs, Ledden says that she had not yet met a single person who does this.

The first step to being a great presenter is to stand in the shoes of your audience and figure out what they need. Why should I listen to this presentation is a question that you need to answer and one that you need to tell your audience. Above all you
need to realise that it’s not about you. You need to start talking to them about them, their reality and how your company or concept will be of value.

Written in a breezy style with good visual aids as one would expect, Ledden’s book is a confident debut for the author.