Book review: The Execution Shortcut

Jeroen De Flander. The Performance Factory. €22.99

Mon, Sep 2, 2013, 01:00


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The execution shortcut


Jeroen De Flanders

The Performance Factory

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Jeroen De Flander is billed as one of the world’s most influ- ential thinkers on strategy exe- cution, having helped more than 21,000 managers across 30 countries, according to his publisher.

Here, De Flander provides practical advice on how leaders can not only execute a strategy effectively, but also ensure it has a long-lasting impact by utilising the three key elements to manage human dynamics: head – how to make people understand your stra- tegy enough to make autonomous decisions that positively affect its success; heart – how to make people care about what you’re trying to do so they are willing to figure out how they can contribute to success by themselves, and hands – how to energise and motivate people enough that they’ll keep pushing the strategy even when the leaders are not around.

The book offers a practical “roadmap” to show how to manage the human dynamics that get in the way of strategy and explains the science that causes that behaviour.

Its elements come from hundreds of scientific studies, conducted over 30 years by institutions including Harvard and Stanford universities and an ambitious 12-year execution research project.