Enterprise Ireland reports exports over €16bn in 2013

Client companies also created 12,861 jobs last year

Enterprise Ireland has reported record-breaking export levels for last year, as its clients sold more than €16 billion worth of goods and services overseas. Client companies also created 12,861 jobs last year, including 3,338 full-time positions, according to its annual report. Software and public sector exports rose 19 per cent, an increase of €163 million, and life sciences, engineering and electronics exports gained 16 per cent, a jump of €347 million. Large increases in growth came from exports to Latin America, the US and Asia Pacific, where sales increased 24 per cent, 20 per cent and 17 per cent last year. Enterprise Ireland chief executive Frank Ryan (above) said, “Breaking the €1 billion barrier in export growth in Asia and increased sales in targeted high-growth markets is really encouraging.”

Enterprise Ireland received €292.8 million in funds from the Exchequer in the form of Oireachtas grants, accounting for almost 90 per cent of its total income in last year. It spent €186.4 million in financial support to industry, €78.3 million on promotion and administration, with €2.6 million given to the National Training Fund.