AIB outsourcing plans alarm employee group

IBOA expresses reservations over review of operations at State-owned bank

Concerns have been raised over the planned outsourcing of jobs at AIB and in the wider banking sector, particularly where they may lead to the "export of skilled workers" from the economy.

The Irish Bank Officials Association (IBOA) expressed its reservations over an ongoing review of operations at the State-owned bank, which could see more than 1,000 jobs repositioned at alternative, third-party service providers.

AIB has confirmed that the outsourcing is under consideration as part of a broader strategy to reduce costs. Management has been looking toward a number of specific units, including its IT department, which employs hundreds.

The Sunday Times has reported that some staff members have been attending briefings on the proposed move while outsourcing contracts have already gone to tender in relation to one aspect of the bank's operation.


"IBOA remains concerned about the wider consequences of outsourcing for the economy as a whole, especially if it leads to the export of skilled work at a time when the country in general, and the banking sector in particular, is in the middle of a jobs crisis," IBOA general secretary Larry Broderick told the newspaper.

However, those whose positions come into focus will be offered redeployment, voluntary redundancy or a possible move to the outsourcing company in question.

Under an agreement made with the IBOA, the bank, which employs some 12,700 people, will remain in consultation with staff representatives. Mr Broderick said should the bank press ahead with the restructuring option, employees would have the “final say” on their future employment options.

Mark Hilliard

Mark Hilliard

Mark Hilliard is a reporter with The Irish Times