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Quotes of the Year

"I am very sorry for what I have done. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I am going to accept the sentence without any bitterness and try to make restitution and hope that it will lead me to redemption later in life."

John Rusnak on being sentenced to seven and half years in January for a foreign exchange fraud that cost AIB $691.2 million

"This war is not a cake-walk and this will sober up some of the traders betting on a quick recover."

Mr Alan Ackerman of Fahnestock & Co in New York as Iraq war gets under way in March

"I do not like monopolies of any kind, in the public or private sectors."

Transport minister Mr Séamus Brennan in April on his plan to break up Aer Rianta and CIÉ.

"Quite frankly I would fear for the very survival of the agreement [Sustaining Progress] if industrial confrontation is provoked in sectors in the economy under the control of the government."

Mr David Begg, the head of ICTU in a letter to the Taoiseach on foot of Mr Brennan's comments in April.

"They do not add to growth and they do not add to exports."

The Taoiseach warning about profiteering in the professions at the IMI conference in April.

"This is the shabbiest outfit I have ever seen."

Member at Irish Nationwide annual general meeting in April.

"It was time for a new management team... to re-energise and re-invigorate the company."

Chris Horn on his decision to return to the role of chief executive at Iona after three years as chairman in May.

"This is an inappropriate and unreasonable decision."

The chief executive of Eircom, Mr Phil Nolan after being told by Comreg in May to cut the price at which it allows rivals access to its network.

"China is a large threat to all world industries because its cost base is so incredibly low but we have huge fixed costs here. We can't turn the key and walk away."

Mr Redmond O'Donoghue, the Waterford Wedgwood chief executive in May after announcing 1,058 redundancies and the transfer of some operations from the UK to China.

"You can conclude that we have not exhausted our room to manoeuvre."

Mr Wim Duisenberg, governor of the European Central bank on the prospect of further cuts following last June's cut of 0.25 to 2 per cent

"There is a significant risk that houseprices could be overvalued."

The International Monetary Fund in August.

"[The current policy stance] can be maintained for a considerable period."

Mr Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve on the outlook for US interest rates in August.

"We can confirm that we have, this afternoon, reversed all credit card payments that we have received from Freshaer up to this date."

B&S Card Services which provides credit card transaction for the short-lived airline in August.

"We believe we have demonstrated that independence is a genuinely viable strategy for our shareholders."

Mr Cormac McCarthy, the chief executive of First Active in September, weeks before announcing the sale of the bank to Royal Bank of Scotland for €887 million.

"This in not like China in the 1970s or 1980s. People can move and live wherever. People can invest and move their capital."

Mr Denis O'Brien in October on his decision to live in Portugal.

"Its time for Bertie to start leading, to start making decision and to give us competition. We are paying enough tax for it."

Mr Michael O'Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair in October after presenting a "cheque" for €14 million made out to "dithering Bertie" at Government buildings.