Ornua opens new Kerrygold factory in Nigeria

Facility in Lagos will provide a new route to market for Irish powdered milk

Ornua, formerly the Irish Dairy Board, has opened a new Kerrygold packing factory in Nigeria.

The facility, which is a joint venture betwee Ornua and Fareast Mercantile, will provide a new route to market for Irish powdered milk, which will be exported to Nigeria and packaged under the Kerrygold brand.

"Importantly for Irish dairy farmers, this development offers an enhanced route to market for the additional forecasted milk volumes," Ornua chief executive Kevin Lane said.

In 2013, Ornua opened its African headquarters in Port Elizabeth to further strengthen its foothold in the African market. It currently employs 250 people both directly and indirectly.


Nigeria is one of the top three importers of powdered milk products in Africa, importing 166,000 tonnes last year.

Ornua is hoping to hit €3 billion in sales in the post-milk quota era on the back of strong demand for new powdered products in Asia and Africa.

The group, which owns the Kerrygold and Dubliner Cheese brands, is Ireland’s largest exporter of butter, cheese and milk powders, trading in 110 markets, and is likely to benefit most from the opening up of Europe’s dairy trade.