Baileys and Jameson ranked among top spirits brands

Nine Diageo-owned brands included in top brands list, which is topped by Korea’s Jinro Soju

Baileys is one of nine Diageo-owned brands to be included in a ranking of the largest spirits brands in the world.

The Irish brand is in 38th position in the rankings, which have been compiled by the respected International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR),

Baileys is one of two Irish brands included in the list. Jameson, the Irish whiskey market leader with global sales of 4.4 million cases, is ranked in 61st position.

The South Korean vodka brand Jinro Soju is by far and away the biggest spirits brand globally, despite losing volumes last year. The brand, which is on sale in 80 countries, saw sales of 65 million nine-litre cases last year.


Emperador brandy became the second-largest spirits brand in the world in 2013 with volumes up by nearly 2 million to 31.9 million, while the Thai spirit Ruang Kao slipped into third spot after volumes declined 2 per cent to 30.8 million cases.

The largest-growing brands on the Real 100 list are Indian whisky brands Officer's Choice and McDowell's. Officer's Choice became the world's largest whiskey brand after posting growth of 5.5 million cases to 24.1 million, up 29.2 per cent on the previous year. McDowell's posted growth of 4 million cases or 20.8 per cent, to 23.2 million.

With Bacardi's departure from the top 10 sprits brands, only Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker are recognisable international brands, showing the continued dominance of local super brands. In fact, according to IWSR, 63 of the 100 brands on the list derive 90 per cent or more of their sales from their domestic market.

Diageo-owned Smirnoff is the fourth largest global spirits brand with 25.7 million cases shifted last year. Another of Diageo’s brands, Johnnie Walker, which is the largest selling scotch in the world, comes in 8th place with global sales of 19.2 million.

. Diageo's acquisition of a controlling shareholding in the Indian company United Spirits in 2013 means the combined entity has 18 brands in the list. Beam Suntory has five brands on the list after Suntory's $16billion acquisition of Cooley parent Beam . Jameson owner- Pernod Ricard has 11 brands in the list with Indian whisky Royal Stag ranking highest.

Top 10 spirits brands

1. Jinro Soju

2. Emperador

3. Ruang Kao

4. Smirnoff

5. Officer’s Choice

6. McDowell’s

7. Chum Churum

8. Johnnie Walker

9. Celebration

10. Hong Tong 'Liquer'

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is a former Irish Times business journalist