Hunter Biden faces second criminal case after being indicted on nine tax charges in California

New charges are centred on at least $1.4 million in taxes the US president’s son owed between 2016 and 2019

Hunter Biden is facing nine fresh indictments in California as the special counsel investigation into the president’s son intensifies against the looming 2024 election.

The new charges are centred on at least $1.4 million dollars (€1.3 million) in taxes Hunter Biden owed between 2016 and 2019, a period where he has acknowledged struggling with addiction.

The back taxes have since been paid.

The latest charges will be added to a slew of federal firearms charges, in which the state of Delaware alleges the US president’s son broke several laws against drug users having guns in 2018.


The fresh charges came about on Thursday, shortly after the implosion of a plea deal that would have spared him jail time, and they could potentially disrupt the campaign for re-election of his father, Joe Biden.

Special counsel David Weiss described the junior Mr Biden (53) as a man who “spent millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle rather than paying his tax bills”.

In response, defence attorney Abbe Lowell accused Mr Weiss of “bowing to Republican pressure” in the case.

“Based on the facts and the law, if Hunter’s last name was anything other than Biden, the charges in Delaware, and now California, would not have been brought,” Mr Lowell said.

The White House declined to comment on Thursday’s indictment, referring questions to the Justice Department or Hunter Biden’s personal representatives.

If convicted, Mr Biden could face a maximum of 17 years in prison. The special counsel investigation remains open, Mr Weiss said. – AP