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Britain’s prime minister Theresa May: to win opposition votes, she will have to move towards a softer Brexit. Photograph: Henry Nicholls

Halfway through his catalogue of Theresa May’s inadequacies at the end of Wednesday’s no-confidence debate, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson identifi(...)

Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech in Hastings on Thursday. Photograph: Getty Images

British prime minister Theresa May has said it is “impossible” for the British government to rule out a no-deal Brexit. In a letter to opposition le(...)

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May  won a confidence vote after Parliament rejected her Brexit deal. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

Sterling hovered just off two-month highs against the euro and the dollar on Thursday as uncertainty crept back in a day after British Prime Minister (...)

 Britain’s prime minister Theresa May makes a statement at Downing Street after  she won a vote of no confidence in the government. Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Good morning. It says something about the current Brexit crisis that today - with Theresa May attempting to cobble together a cross party way forward(...)

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn during prime minister’s questions in the House of Commons. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/AFP/Getty Images

For most of the debate on Labour’s motion of no confidence in the British government, the green benches were largely empty as backbenchers delivered d(...)

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, speaks following Theresa May’s win in a confidence vote. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/Handout via Reuters

Theresa May’s belated engagement with opposition parties over Brexit ran into difficulties within minutes of its launch last night when Jeremy Corbyn (...)

 Theresa May delivers a statement to members of the media in Downing Street in London Photograph Ben Stansal / AFP

British prime minister Theresa May said the Labour Party had yet to discuss a new approach to Brexit with her and urged politicians to put self-intere(...)

 Theresa May reacts as Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn informs the MPs that he has tabled a vote of no confidence in the Government in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Photograph: Ho/Pru/AFP/Getty Images

Enormous. Catastrophic. Crushing. Breathtaking. These are some of the words used last night to describe the monumental defeat visited upon British pr(...)

British prime minister Theresa May in the House of Commons on Tuesday for the meaningful vote on her Brexit withdrawal deal. Photograph:  Mark Duffy/UK Parliament

As MPs took their seats to hear the result of the vote on the Brexit deal, chief whip Julian Smith approached Theresa May and whispered in her ear. Sh(...)


British prime minister Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence in her government on Wednesday after suffering a historically unprecedented defeat fo(...)

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